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Study Nursing in Australia with Education Training and Employment Australia (ETEA)

Why should I study Nursing in Australia? Australia is one of the most popular student destinations for international students. Because of Australia’s stronghold on quality education, Australian Nurse programs had been meticulously developed to provide theoretical knowledge and impart practical skills required in delivering excellent healthcare services. So, nursing graduates in Australia not only get […]

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Why you should pursue a career in nursing during the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic may have wreaked havoc on study both locally and abroad, but there are also opportunities that we could find from there. The ongoing pandemic highlights the demand for more nurses and other medical professionals. It is not hard to see why a nursing career is the most in-demand course right now. When […]

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So You Want to Work as a Nurse in Australia

Love the idea of building your nursing career and living in a country like Australia, with its year-round tropical weather, lush beaches, and cultural richness and diversity? Well it’s not as difficult as it seems at all. As long as you complete the national requirements of the Australian healthcare system for working as a certified […]

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