What is a Leisure and Health Worker?

What is a Leisure and Health Worker?

Leisure therapy, as defined by the Queensland Leisure Therapy Network (QLD), is:

“the specialised application of recreation and experiential interventions that assist in maintaining or improving health status, functional capabilities and ultimately, the quality of life of people.”

This type of healthcare service is designed to restore and rehabilitate a person’s level of independence in life activities, as well as reduce or eliminate limitations in the participation in life situations that have been caused by an illness or injury.

Certified leisure and health workers create lifestyle programs that promote self-esteem and a sense of freedom and control, which serve to improve psychological well-being.

If you are a sociable and people-oriented person who loves contributing to the health and well-being of others, you will definitely enjoy a profession as a Leisure and Health worker. Normally, you will need to complete a certificate course in Leisure and Health to qualify as such, since mental and physical health matters are delicate areas that require a certain amount of training and clinical knowledge, the degree depending on the area a health worker chooses to work under.  

Leisure and Health roles are becoming more and more sought-after in the healthcare and community services sectors, as employers have started to realise the benefits of a more person-centred approach to care.

“Employers are realising the benefits of this approach and looking for people who can build strong relationships with the people they care for,” says Daz Smith, a Dementia Lifestyle Consultant.

Acknowledging that people are individuals with unique needs, hobbies and passions is a big part of being a Leisure and Health worker. And it is a career that offers varied paths as well.

You may choose to work in a residential home or aged care facility, developing programs that your clients will enjoy, such as organising group cooking classes, flower arrangement or other crafting classes; creating spaces conducive to leisurely reading; or perhaps even planning a special fishing trip for a client who loves fishing.

Alternatively, if you love to travel, you may choose to work in the tourism and recreation sector, as an Events Coordinator on a cruise ship or a Recreation Group Leader at a resort, for example. You may also be coordinating children’s activities, so that families can further enjoy their vacation.

If making a difference in the lives of young people through programs that enhance their skills and talents and build their confidence is your cup of tea, you may find yourself working in a youth centre.

There is a wide array of possibilities and industries to find work in when you opt for a career in Leisure and Health. Job titles such as Lifestyle Coordinator and Recreation Activity Officer fall under this category. Being a Leisure and Health worker is both a fun and rewarding profession, in its aim to enrich people’s lives through activities that promote their health, self-confidence, and overall well-being.  

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