We take great pride in witnessing the remarkable success achieved by numerous students in their personal and professional endeavors.

Bianca Mackintosh

Bianca Mackintosh, a 45-year-old youth worker, pursued her dream of further education by completing a Certificate IV in Child Youth and Family Intervention at ETEA. Despite already working in the field, she sought to enhance her knowledge and skills. Bianca found the trainers, Rebecca and Chris, to be supportive and knowledgeable, particularly appreciating Rebecca's encouragement during challenging times. She is considering further studies, possibly a Diploma in Counselling, after enjoying her ETEA experience immensely. Bianca finds fulfillment in seeing vulnerable children succeed and encourages others to enter the sector, emphasizing its worth despite its challenges.

Tamara pearce

Tamara initially enrolled in a certificate course with ETEA as a job requirement but found herself drawn to further education. She completed a Certificate IV in Disability, followed by a Certificate IV in Mental Health, and recently finished a Diploma in Mental Health. Despite remaining in her role as a disability support worker, Tamara's ETEA experience gave her the confidence to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work at university. Her journey, influenced by a past acquired brain injury, instilled in her the belief in her capabilities. Tamara finds reward in helping others and ensuring they receive the support she once lacked. Her advice to aspiring professionals stresses the importance of genuine passion, empathy, and compassion in the field.

Geoffrey G. Francisco

Geoffrey G. Francisco, a 21-year-old from the Philippines, embarked on his educational journey by completing a Certificate in Pathology Collection and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Mental Health at ETEA. His training enabled him to secure a position as a clinic assistant. Geoffrey praises ETEA for its effective teaching methods and friendly environment, which made his learning experience enjoyable. The highlight for him is the abundance of job opportunities resulting from his qualifications. He encourages others to work diligently, forge connections, and enjoy the learning process, emphasizing that the rewards are worthwhile.

In the journey of success, perseverance is your greatest ally. Keep going, even when it's tough.

cate Westley

Cate's journey from a sales role to becoming a youth care worker is a testament to her resilience and dedication to making a difference. Enrolling in ETEA's Certificate IV in Child Youth and Family Intervention marked a pivotal moment in her life. Despite the challenges of balancing full-time work with studies, Cate found unwavering support from her trainers, enabling her to excel. After completing her studies, Cate transitioned into youth residential care, where she has spent two fulfilling years providing support and guidance to vulnerable youths. The most rewarding part for her is witnessing the positive impact of her interactions and being a catalyst for positive change. Encouraging others to pursue a similar path, Cate emphasizes the fulfillment found in helping others and the flexibility of the industry. Her journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to follow their passion and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

mara loraine samong

Mara Loraine Samong's journey in early childhood education epitomizes dedication and passion. Having completed her Cert III at ETEA and currently pursuing the Diploma, Mara finds fulfillment in her role at a children's center, seamlessly integrating her studies with practical experience. ETEA's holistic approach to education, blending theory with hands-on activities, has prepared Mara exceptionally well for her career. Reflecting on her time at ETEA, Mara highlights the comprehensive curriculum and supportive environment as key factors in her success. For Mara, the most rewarding aspect of the industry lies in the sense of belonging and the opportunity to make a difference in children's lives. Her advice to aspiring professionals is simple yet profound: take the leap and embrace the journey, with ETEA providing unwavering support every step of the way. Mara's story serves as an inspiration to all, showcasing the transformative power of dedication and a nurturing learning environment.

Bhakti patel

Bhakti Patel, an International Medical Graduate, embarked on her journey in Australia with a vision to contribute to the mental health sector. Enrolling in the Diploma of Mental Health at ETEA's Sydney Campus, Bhakti found not just a course but a pathway to her dreams. Despite ongoing studies, she seized opportunities in the NDIS sector, facilitated by ETEA's career support. The institution's flexible approach allowed her to balance work and education seamlessly. ETEA's professional course materials and supportive tutors fostered a conducive learning environment, complemented by amenities like air-conditioned lecture rooms and communal spaces. Bhakti's innate empathy and medical background fueled her passion for aiding those in need, finding fulfillment in positively impacting clients' lives. Her story highlights the challenges and rewards of the mental health industry, emphasizing the importance of resilience, compassion, and dedication. Bhakti's advice to aspiring students underscores the value of perseverance and open-mindedness in pursuing one's goals, even amidst uncertainties. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and determination in shaping a successful future.

Dean transitioned from a background in hospitality to pursuing a career in community services. After completing a Certificate IV in Child Youth and Family Intervention at ETEA, he secured a position in residential care working with children under guardianship. Dean found the Zoom lectures at ETEA to be particularly beneficial, as they facilitated interactive learning and eased the process of completing assessments. He also appreciated the supportive environment and helpful staff, especially Leah from the administration team. Dean finds his work in the industry rewarding, particularly when he witnesses positive outcomes for the children he works with. His advice to others entering the sector is to start gaining work experience as soon as possible while studying, as practical experience enhances learning and confidence. Dean's journey underscores the importance of seizing opportunities for hands-on experience and seeking support when needed, ultimately leading to a successful transition into a fulfilling career in community services.

Dean  goodwin

Frizza, originally from the Philippines, ventured into the field of mental health with prior experience in her home country. Seeking to broaden her expertise, she enrolled in the Diploma of Mental Health program at ETEA in Australia. Upon completing her studies, Frizza secured employment as a mental health/psychosocial recovery coach with an NDIS provider in Western Australia, leveraging her qualifications and past experience. Her experience at ETEA was marked by the professionalism and supportiveness of the instructors and staff, who guided her through lectures, simulations, and placements. In her role, Frizza finds continuous learning to be the most rewarding aspect, as each day brings new challenges and opportunities to expand her knowledge. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a passion for helping others in the mental health sector and stresses the significance of self-care to combat burnout. Frizza's journey exemplifies a successful transition into a new career path fueled by dedication, continuous learning, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Frizza Antonio

Hailing from South Africa, Devanique ventured to a new country amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to pursue her passion for mental health and fitness. Completing a Diploma of Mental Health at ETEA provided her with the additional skills she needed for her full-time employment in the Allied Health Sector. She particularly valued the supportive trainers and flexible learning options during her studies. Now deeply immersed in the industry, she finds fulfillment in making a long-term positive impact on mental health. Her advice to others: engage with trainers, ask questions, and embrace the journey ahead with dedication.

Devanique Rossouw

James began his journey at ETEA with a Certificate III in Pathology, later advancing to complete a Diploma of Mental Health. Securing employment as a Pathology Collector at Austech Laboratory after his placement, James found fulfillment in his role. His ETEA experience was marked by excellent support from staff and trainers at the Parramatta campus, fostering a diverse and respectful learning environment. James appreciated the industry's reputation for respectability and found his time at ETEA to be rewarding. To aspiring students, James recommends ETEA for its quality education and practical work placements, emphasizing the importance of a supportive college environment. His story reflects the success that comes from dedication to learning and seizing opportunities provided by reputable institutions like ETEA.


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