The Core Competencies of an Effective Leader

The Core Competencies of an Effective Leader

Good leadership and management is not a quality you have to be born with in order to attain. It is a skill and competency that takes time, experience in one’s industry of work and continuous learning and improvement to be developed well. It is a quality that drives organisations and teams toward success when good leadership is present. So how does one qualify as an effective organisational leader?

You may believe that the best traits of good leaders lie in their capacity to motivate and bring out the best in others; but in fact, this is less expected by employees and managers of corporations. The single most important characteristic that people within organisations actually expect of leaders is that they be results-oriented. That means doing everything within their power to drive results, rather than motivating others to produce those results.

Notwithstanding, an empathic, motivational and supportive leader is also essential to the well-being of the employees under them. Being a supportive team leader, shift leader or supervisor ranks as one of the top in organisational leadership expectations, along with the capability to remain confident and composed during times of trial that companies may intermittently move through… and particularly during times of economic hardships.

Some of the most important traits seen in effective leaders are as follows:

The Ability to Share Their Vision

Good leaders always share their vision clearly and concisely, so that clear objective may also be made for quality results. Each person in the team must understand why and how their contribution is important to the goal.

Making Hard Decisions

The ability to make quick and difficult decisions, even when information is limited is a crucial leadership skill. Consequences as well as alternatives must be clearly thought out, with the goal always in mind. Your confidence and ability to follow through on these decisions reflect your capability to be a flexible and proactive leader.

Empowering Others

Giving specific goals and deadlines empowers your team to work autonomously and fulfil their responsibilities however they choose to fulfil them. The sense of individual freedom and empowerment you give your team results in higher productivity and creativity.

There is no doubt that with all the juggling between project completions and people interactions expected of them, leaders need to make a consistent effort toward continuous improvement in their ability to be effective. 7 out of 10 people in organisations believe that leadership development is a top priority as well as a big challenge that they face, and 82% of leaders recognise the importance of leadership development. There are important steps that you can take to achieve highly-effective leadership.

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