Start your Rewarding Career in Early Childhood Education and Care

Start your Rewarding Career in Early Childhood Education and Care

Most early childhood educators and would-be educators have an innate love for being around children and a passion for contributing to paving the young learner’s way to a bright future. While some discover their love for teaching earlier on in their life, others stumble upon the idea of becoming a teacher later on, and start to realize that they have attributes that seem fit for the profession. But either way, teaching and caring for young learners is a commitment to quality education that you can give to children. Young children need a stable foundation from qualified educators who know what this stage of development in human life requires, and thus can address their students’ needs effectively.

In Australia, candidate teachers of early childhood education are required to have completed courses like:

These programs are available as nationally-accredited courses at Education Training and Employment Australia (ETEA).

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education, below are some paths that you may choose to take as an early childhood professional:

Educators – work directly with children and hold or are studying for a certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Lead educators – besides working directly with children, lead educators have a responsibility for planning educational programs and providing leadership and mentoring to other educators

Early Childhood Teachers – degree-holders that educate children in the two years before school. They teach the skills that help children make a smooth transition into formal schooling.

Managers and Directors – look after the administrative aspects including ensuring that a service is compliant with the National Laws and Regulations. They also work with parents to ensure the needs of all children in are met.

Roles in Early childhood education services are very diverse. For example, you may start as an educator in long day care or kindergarten, and then decide to add to your qualifications and experience so you can become a service manager. You may move to a policy or management position with government and even end up as a university lecturer, inspiring the next generation of educators. You can even lead and manage your own business as the self-employed owner of an early childhood service, if you have an entrepreneurial bent.

The possibilities are also limitless when you’re an educator, in terms of the places you can travel for work. Early childhood educators are needed everywhere. In Australia, the demand for these types of educators has been growing even more around the country in the past years, due to the need for educators who are more specialised in early childhood.

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