Career Opportunities in Cookery

Career Opportunities in Cookery

You’ve probably come to this article because there’s at least some slight interest in you to know more or possibly pursue a career in cooking. Maybe you already have a passion for cooking. Or perhaps you would love to learn the art of cooking, either for personal knowledge, a potential culinary career, or for a future business you dream of having.

Creating wonderful and delicious food that brings people together and makes them happy is, after all, a very worthy purpose. Whatever your reasons, you’ll learn what your options are in cookery through this article, so read on.

The culinary world offers many pathways to take in building your credentials as a professional cook or any kind of professional in the food and beverage industry. Different courses are available, each specializing in different functions and purposes for entry into the culinary sector.

Below are some examples of courses that would gain you entry into jobs within the industry after their completion. We offer all of these mentioned courses at Education Training and Employment Australia (ETEA).

So what is the difference between all of these courses?

 Certificate II in Kitchen Operations and Certificate III in Commercial Cookery are programs that are mostly involved with cooking, food handling, learning about how kitchen operations work, and how to properly manage kitchen operations.

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery takes basic cookery courses a level up to include employee management, inventory management and budget planning. It’s a great course for those who seek managerial skills and knowledge within the food industry.

Diploma of Hospitality Management has a much broader scope. It can give you work credentials anywhere within the hospitality industry, and is not limited to just kitchen management. You can choose to work in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies or other leisure establishments with this diploma. Since it has such a wide scope however, it may not focus on cookery as much as the courses above do. This course is designed for students who wish to gain managerial skills for a career in hospitality management. It’s also a great course for those who wish to start their own restaurant.

How does a graduate of Cookery fare in the Australian culinary environment?

You can account it to the culture itself, but the Australian commercial cookery sector is generally very laid back. A casual job environment in the company of simple colleagues who call each other on a first-name basis, no matter what their job positions are pervades the Australian kitchen industry. There is no hard-set hierarchy in the workplace. All workplaces also comply with Health and Safety regulations, and all employees enjoy a decent pay, an adequate number of leaves each year, and other benefits.

There is a whole range of job roles for you to enter, such as baker, different chef categories, patissier and kitchen hand, to name just a few.

Most of all, since the modern-day world demands so much time on people to keep up with paying for their basic needs through work, food establishments continuously enjoy great demand as quick and easy alternatives for having meals… which of course means many work opportunities for culinary graduates.

In partnership with Zouki Australia, ETEA offers work opportunities for our cookery course graduates through our strong industry links. Our courses are all nationally-accredited, and we make sure to provide our students with all the necessary facilities and material to give them the highest standards of education, along with a pleasant and conducive atmosphere in which to learn. Ask us today about our culinary courses. We are always happy to assist you and be a part of reaching your dreams.