Become a Pathology Collector in Australia

Become a Pathology Collector in Australia

The work of a pathologist is often mistakenly understood to be a role played in crime investigations, wherein the pathologist mostly deals with the bodies of the deceased. At least that’s how television often portrays pathologists. But the reality is actually quite different. Pathologists often work with the living!

The field of pathology is always growing and evolving, which also reflects the growth of knowledge in human genetics. We rely on pathology for diagnoses, treatment development, and many other medical breakthroughs. New specialties within pathology arise each year, as new discoveries are made that require further research. And as a result, pathologists are in shortage in Australia.

Another misconception is that pathology is very lonely work, requiring hours on end in a laboratory, looking through a microscope. But in fact, pathology is very much a team effort that necessitates good social and communication skills.

One popular field of pathology is Pathology Collection. Pathology collectors enjoy more flexible work hours and can come from all walks of life. Parents returning to work, health and medical students from other courses, and enrolled nurses who want to try a new role are just some examples of people who go into pathology collection.

Out of all professions in the field of pathology, pathology collection is the easiest job to acquire. It is often made the stepping stone to further one’s career paths in healthcare.

Usually, pathology is the concern of state governments, but recently, the federal government of Australia has been stepping in to help fund the sector and resolve the continuing shortage of workers.

If you’ve summed up from this article that pathology is an in-demand healthcare job, and will continue to be in the next years, you’re correct.

If this field of healthcare interests you, Education Training and Employment Australia (ETEA) offers the nationally-accredited program Certificate III in Pathology Collection. It would definitely be an advantageous time to start a pathology career.

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