Australian Vocational Education Training Courses:  What Are My Choices?

Australian Vocational Education Training Courses: What Are My Choices?

Choosing the right educational institution for you is a crucial decision. Your future career relies on the quality of education you have received. Yet ample research on the best courses and institutions around can narrow down the choices for you until you find what caters to your most individual needs, financial capacities and personal aspirations. In this article, we offer the reputable option of Australian  Vocational Education and Training (VET) to possibly start you off in fulfilling your life goals.

Vocational Education and Training or VET is a form of education that focuses on providing immediately applicable skills for work, as well as career placement opportunities. People who are either joining the workforce for the first time, seeking to refresh their skills after having been away from work for some time, looking to upgrade their current skills and knowledge in their chosen industry, or are considering a move into a different career are all suitable for the kind of education that VET provides.

VET courses are offered by Registered Training Organisations (RTO) such as Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes and private colleges. VET courses usually cover pre-vocational training or foundation studies (ie., for international students who need to further enhance their English literacy), basic vocational training per field of occupation, study areas such as music and hospitality, and semi-professional vocational training. They differ from university or higher education courses in providing more practical work skills, whereas university courses tend to be more theory-based. However, they do provide a gateway into the higher education courses by helping students meet the college or university entry requirements. Additionally, higher education graduates are using VET courses to gain the practical skills necessary in entering the workforce. It can take anywhere between 6 months to 2 years to finish a VET course, depending on your chosen field of study and its specific requirements.

VET courses are part of national training packages, which means that they all follow the same curriculum. Should you choose to transfer to a similar program in a different institution, your units would be credited from the original course and institution.

Financially affordable, time-friendly and flexible, and highly-applicable in their practicality, VET courses have definitely been getting the attention they deserve from those who wish to further their education for greater career growth.

Education Training and Employment Australia (ETEA) is a leading and reputable RTO that provides VET courses which properly address the required education and skills training in a student’s chosen vocation to increase the student’s employability. We don’t just provide high-quality training that makes our students qualified professionals in their field; we make sure to give them the most pleasant educational experiences that they can fondly look back on in the years to come. For more information about our courses and studying in Australia, feel free to contact us.